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Junior Red

Также известно как: Red

Дискография Junior Red:

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Junior Red has been MCing in Brighton and the Southeast for over ten years. In the mid 90's he joined forces with DJ Friction gaining residencies at Elite and Sub-Zero fm Southend, and started performing in clubs around the UK and Europe. The late nineties saw Red become resident with 'Legends of the Dark Black'. Playing monthly's and one off's in London, Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham and Plymouth. He has also appeared, on a few occasions, at One Nation (up and coming room), Gatecrasher, T.O.V. (the Coliseum), Renegade Hardware (The End), Sonar Festival - Spain, The Essential Festival - London and Brighton and DnB worldwide.com. In 2000 Red joined Urban Agency, getting bookings and tours in over 14 countries and states and in 2002 Toured Australia and New Zealand with the mighty Grooverider. Since then Junior Red has performed live on Radio 1 alongside Fabio and Grooverider and on OneLive on BBC1xtra with his hip-hop crew Digitek (check www.channeldigitek.com.), as well as the institution that is Kool FM.

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