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Dick Urine

Также известно как: Peter Yarmouth

Дискография Dick Urine:

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Dick Urine is a pseudonym associated with independent label owner/producer Peter Yarmouth. Dick Urine was Yarmouth's stage name (which he always hated) and the name was created/invented by GG Allin. The "Dick Urine" name first turned up on early self-released cassettes of material (usually live recordings) Allin had sold in Boston-area stores and through advertisements in such magazines as Trouser Press and Maximum RocknRoll. The cassette albums were usually soundboard or audience recordings recorded on cassette, but Allin, seeking to have a producer's name on the cassette inserts told Yarmouth he was going to make him famous and came up with the name "Dick Urine" to use on the producer's credit. The phony credit may have also served to deflect blame for the less-than-perfect sound away from Allin himself. The duo had met in 1980 and they began discussing Yarmouth bankrolling GG's releases and came up eventually with the label name Black And Blue Records. Having given Yarmouth credit as Urine on the releases prior to the duo came to agreement on Yarmouth investing in GG set the tone for the eventual formal business relationship. All of the recordings for Allin's albums were physically produced by Allin and more of an executive producer was Yarmouth's role (or Urine's depending on who was listed on the album in the credits). This has been Peter's role for most if not all the releases he has production credit on. This partnership drove GG from the anonymity of New Hampshire to his Underground Icon status. A combination of Yarmouths marketing in many publications including Flipside, Maximum Rock N Roll, Option, RIP, Ben is Dead, Real Life In A Big City, and many local music newspapers and fanzines along with Allin's touring the US both with bands and with a boom box, the infamous Cat Club Show and The Village Voice exposure that resulted from it and of course Allins recordings and videos from various companies that still have selling power today. Allin always told Yarmouth that he would make him rich. That never happened since Yarmouth has never "quit his day job" which has bankrolled the label which still exists today. Another interesting twist on reality was when the first Black & Blue vinyl release "Live Fast Die Fast" was coming out, Yarmouth had the idea of claiming that Black And Blue Records was actually a Swedish label and that he only ran its American office in Smithfield RI. Yarmouth felt a label from RI or NH would have little credibility, so the record's label on that 7" EP release listed Black & Blue as being in Stockholm Sweden.That marketing scheme which really had no impact on the label's credibility would come in handy later. Around the time of the releasing of Allin's classic album E.M.F., Peter began getting recognised in public as Dick Urine he told GG the name had to go and he wanted production credit in his name instead. To that end, they conceived of a back story for the origin of Dick Urine to give him more of a legacy: Dick Urine's real name would be Richard Yorun. He would be a budding sound engineer that became involved with GG Allin after witnessing an early Jabbers show in 1980 (which Yarmouth actually did) and Allin would be said to have given Yorun the Dick Urine moniker after taking a liking to him (which was also true). Yarmouth was not from Flushing NY but the story they decided to go with had Yorun being from there. Yarmouth recorded an album on his own and with friends and had GG write the liner note to pull off the fake death scheme. The album, The Lost Dick Urine Tapes, was credited to Richard Yorun and initially claimed that GG Allin had played drums on it. It was an initially believable claim since Allin actually wrote the liner notes credited to him and he did play the drums on The Jabbers' recordings and elsewhere... except for the fact that the drum tracks sounded like what they really were: a drum machine. So, all future advertising for the record started claiming that Allin had played or programmed the drum machine. Neither claim was actually true, but Allin consented to the gag. They both began telling people who asked to meet or for Dick Urine to produce them that he had 'died' in a motorcycle accident in Sweden, where he was supposedly buried. This way only Swedes could check. For many years Yarmouth denied he was Dick Urine to any one asking but became more open to the truth when promoting The Cedar Street Sluts. The truth slipped out in an interview in Providence's NICE PAPER. Yarmouth begged it be withheld from publishing and it kind of was as the interview consisted of Yarmouth getting asked many times if he was Dick Urine. It was only after GG's death that the truth was admitted publicly by Yarmouth and the farce came full circle. Yarmouth was amazed and still is by the number of people that believed it as truth.

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