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Black Essenz

Daniel Nette, Gino Massalla, Hendrik Hirsch, Ole Hoffmann, Osita Umeh, Tim Kiesling, Michael Heim

Члены группы Black Essenz: Han Shock

Дискография Black Essenz:

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German hardcore hip-hop crew founded in 1993, with four members from Göttingen and two from Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, consisting of Saw the Stranger, Hype, Skup, Mastino, Jay Hyme and DJ Little D. The group leaned towards the 'hardcore' sound of [a=Gunshot], [a=Readykill] and [a=Mental Disorda], popular in the UK and Northern Germany (Hamburg) at the time. They featured on the [b]Tag der Abrechnung[/b] LP on [l=No Warranty Records] in 1994, which featured [a=Bluntyard], [a=Da Ruffnexx] and [a=Lautes Organ], before disbanding a year later, and Mastino and Saw forming the group Counter Attack.

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