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Da Tweekaz

Также известно как: Da Tweakaz, Tweekaz
Члены группы Da Tweekaz: Kenth Kvien, Marcus Philip Berg-Iversen Nordli
Группа в интернете: http://www.datweekaz.com/, http://www.facebook.com/DaTweekaz, http://twitter.com/DaTweekaz, http://soundcloud.com/datweekaz, http://www.youtube.com/user/Tweekaz, http://www.myspace.com/datweekaz

Дискография Da Tweekaz:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Past / Da Bomba 2 audio iTunes 2008-07-10 DJ's United Red Records
2 Angeli Domini 2 audio iTunes 2008-12-17 Spider Records (3)
3 Daydre4m / Very Nice 2 audio iTunes 2009-02-00 DJ's United Red Records
4 Inferno (Summer Angel 2009 Anthem) 2 audio iTunes 2009-06-00 DJ's United Red Records
5 DNA / Be Aware / Hook My Mic Up / Whatevah 2010 4 audio iTunes 2010-07-25 Dirty Workz
6 DNA / Be Aware / Hook My Mic Up / Whatevah 2010 4 audio iTunes 2010-08-30 Dirty Workz
7 Examination Of Time / Chew Bubblegum / Ducktool 3 audio iTunes 2010-12-13 Dirty Workz
8 People Against Porn EP. 3 audio iTunes 2011-10-21 Dirty Workz
9 What Have We Become? 2 audio iTunes 2012-03-01 Dirty Workz
10 Time 2 Shine 15 audio iTunes 2012-10-08 Toff Music
11 Time 2 Shine 15 audio iTunes 2012-10-08
12 Daydre4m / Very Nice 2 audio iTunes 2009-07-22 DJ's United Red Records
13 Bit By Bit E.P. 4 audio iTunes 2009-05-29 DJ's United Red Records
14 Inferno (Summer Angel 2009 Anthem) 2 audio iTunes 2009-11-06 DJ's United Red Records
15 Real Love / Carnival 2 audio iTunes 2013-06-11 Dirty Workz
16 Island Refuge (The Qontinent 2013 Anthem) 3 audio iTunes 2013-07-11 Dirty Workz
17 The Qontinent 96 audio iTunes 2013-08-09 Toff Music
18 The Past / Da Bomba 2 audio iTunes 2008-12-15 DJ's United Red Records
19 The Qontinent - Weekend Festival 92 audio iTunes 2013-08-12
20 Music Is My Drug 2 audio iTunes 2014-01-10 Dirty Workz
21 Zero Fucks Given 2 audio iTunes 2014-03-01 Dirty Workz
22 Weapons Of Love 2 audio iTunes 2014-04-01 Dirty Workz
23 Ran Away 2 audio iTunes 2014-05-01 Dirty Workz
24 #Tweekay14 2 audio iTunes 2014-06-01 Dirty Workz
25 Intermission 2 audio iTunes 2014-08-01 Dirty Workz
26 Letting Go 2 audio iTunes 2014-09-01 Dirty Workz

Da Tweekaz, also known as Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, are a Norwegian Hardstyle duo signed to Dirty Workz. Down to Earth guys, with a passion for Hardstyle and Hard Dance in general. When not behind the decks or in the studio, you can probably catch them partying in the front. Behind the decks, their energy is unlike none other. Sunglasses on, smiles from ear to ear and fists pumping to each beat, they're a true spark to energize any party. From the personal settings of a club to the vast and immense setting of a festival, they bring their unique style with an undying passion. Besides their ever popular debut album "Time 2 Shine" which scored massive hits in Hard Dance charts Worldwide, another major step in their career was moving away from their Norwegian roots and planting them firmly in Belgium, where they now reside. This makes an accessible means for bookings in the Hardstyle dense countries surrounding Belgium. If you're not already entranced by this duo, make sure you check their performance when you have the chance. It's unique, it's whacky and it's down-right fun!

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