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Backspace (3)

Piotr Kornblum, Marc Church, Dave Stechschulte

Члены группы Backspace (3): Dave Stechschulte, Piotr Kornblum

Дискография Backspace (3):

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Backspace was a Detroit-based electronic act, formed in the late 1990's, with a sound not unlike that of Front Line Assembly, Mentallo and the Fixer or In Strict Confidence. Later, the project took a cleaner approach to EBM before deactivating in or around 2005. In January 2013, project founder Piotr Kornblum passed away. The band was known to be working on new material at the time of his passing. In the Spring of 2013, following Piotr's death, former Backspace members Marc Church (synths), John Courte (synths - initially from Backspace's precursor, IEC), Joe Popiolek (percussion), Steve Butkowski (guitar, synths), and Erik Jensen (guitar, drums) all met. At that time, hard drives, ADAT's, and more were recovered. A cover version of "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring that Piotr had started was worked on/remixed, and the last of the material prior to Piotr's passing will eventually see release in 2014.

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