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Jean Omer

Также известно как: J. Omer, Omer

Дискография Jean Omer:

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Belgian jazz saxophonist (alto, tenor and soprano), clarinetist and violinist. Born : September 09, 1912 in Nivelles, Belgium. Died : May 30, 1994 in Bruxelles, Belgium. First band formed in 1936. formed his first Swing oriented orchestra in the late 1930s, in Belgium. First recorded in late 1940 and did much recording over the next 3 years, after which sessions became few and far between. One of his arrangers was Peter Packay, and in the late 1930's Benny Carter also wrote some scores for him. Omer was twice heard, in the late summer 1941 and in the spring 1942, in Berlin's (Germany) Delphi Cafe. (During WW II years.)

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