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Alex Reliic

Alexander Munoz

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/alexreliic

Дискография Alex Reliic:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Who Can Save Me? 4 audio iTunes 2008-06-16 Real Legacy Impulse
2 Nuff Intention EP 2 audio iTunes 2008-11-07 Musictracx Recordings

Born in Colombia (South America), Alex Reliic had his first taste of music at age 6, when he learned to play various instruments and started playing live with a local kids group, ever since then music has been a major part of his life. After playing for several years with the kids band, Alex decided it was time to expand his musical knowledge, so he started taking piano and drumming lessons, giving him the experience of live instrumentation at such early age. At age 14, due to life circumstances, Alex Reliic and his family moved to the United States, where he found himself becoming a fan of various music styles such as Hip Hop, Rock and Electronic Dance Music. After several years away from playing instruments and being around making music, in 2003 him and his brother Der Mystik were introduced to software music programs but it wasn’t until 2005 that Alex decided it was his time to start making a difference. Starting with Hip Hop and Latin Urban music known as Reggaeton, Alex had his first official taste of production when working with underground up & comming talents from the Urban world. Since 2008 he has included electronic dance music credits under his belt, when producing and co-producing some of the most refreshing and unique tunes today, including the hits "Paradise Beyond the Mirror", "Who Can Save Me", “Exoduz“, “Take Me Higher“ and “Bahia“. Now at age 23, Alex Reliic is growing steady and strong in the music scene, producing Electro/Trance/Techno music, making him one of the most versatile up & comming producers in the industry and becoming an entrepreneur co-owning a Record Label along with his Brother Der Mystik (Real Legacy Records), going strong on its one-year mark. Driven, Talented, Versatile, Loyal, Friendly and Passionate. Those are some great words Alex Reliic can be described with. The Future is here.

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