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Haq Nawaz Qureshi

Также известно как: A. Nawaz, Aki Qureshi, Aky, F. Quereshi, H. Qureshi, H.N Qureshi, H.N. Qureshi, Haq Qureshi, HN Qureshi, Nawaz, Quereshih, Quershi, Qureschi, Qureshi, Qureshire

Дискография Haq Nawaz Qureshi:

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Aki is a British Asian musician/rapper who grew up in Bradford. He co-wrote some songs and played drums with 'Southern Death Cult', known then as Haq Qureshi, but is best known as the main member of Islamic rock/rap/electronic group Fun-Da-Mental as Aki Nawaz/Propa-Gandi. Aki also ran Nation Records until 2006 when the controversy over the album "All is war" led to the label being wound up.

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