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Behind The Dikes

Члены группы B.T.D.: Marc Hanou

Дискография B.T.D.:

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Started in 1983 in Huizen, Holland from the remains of VLA. Evolving around a small scene with other bands like Morgen BV and Echte Boter Godverdomme the band played from 1983 till 1988, doing shows in Holland and Belgium. They were tied to a bigger scene with bands like Lärm, Resistance/Loud Warning, Laitz, Kikkerspuug, Indirekt and Gepopel. Almost all cassette and all vinyl recording line-up is Casper Kraima - vocals, Marco Somers - guitar, Bart Anthonisse - drums, Marc Hanou - bass. Casper, Marco and Marc later formed Betray. Marco went on to do other projects like Bulletproof with members from Gotcha and Beatcream. Marc went on to do bands Blackheads (with Dorien from Do Or Die), Dance Cleopatra, Longshot, Nixnieuwz (with Herry from Yawp and Melle from Uitdesloot), In Defence (from Minneapolis, USA), Birds Of A Feather and Echoes.

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