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Va Fan Fahre

Также известно как: Va Fan Fahre & Aicha Haskal
Члены группы Va Fan Fahre: Bart Maris, Berlinde Deman, Bertel Schollaert, Heikki Verdure, Mathias Van De Wiele, Ruby Deprez
Группа в интернете: www.vafanfahre.be, www.zephyrusvzw.be

Дискография Va Fan Fahre:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Romski Robbery 17 audio iTunes 2005 Zephyrus Records
2 Zet Je Maar 13 audio iTunes 2007 Zephyrus Records
3 Romski Robbery 17 audio iTunes 2006
4 Romski Robbery 17 audio iTunes 2007 Zephyrus Records
5 Al Wa' Debt 12 audio iTunes 2010-09-25 Zephyrus Records
6 Al Wa' Debt 12 audio iTunes 2010-10-25 Zephyrus Records
7 Jungle Fever / Lahzet Zekrayat 2 audio iTunes 2012 Zephyrus Records

Va Fan Fahre was set up in March 2003. The repertoire existed initially of klezmer, but in the course of 2004 it was completed with Rumanian and Bulgarian brass. The band also started to make their own compositions and it is in that direction that VFF continued to work. This resulted in a mix of several styles. By the end of May 2005 the band produced their first album (Romski Robbery). “The music is Balkan-brassband-like, shows its klezmer influence, but it is especially the thoughtful arrangements that give the music an extra originality, like some funny brassarrangements, speeded up with ska, jazzy improvisations and funky grooves.” (Review 2006 – KindaMuzik). The first album features two guests: the Ghent chansonnier Saf and Mahabub Khan (voice/harmonium/tabla), known from the band Musafir of Rajasthan. The CD was well commented. In the top 1000 of the World Music Charts Europe 2005 their first CD was rated 127th. By rights: the Belgian press unanimously praised their concert at Mano Mundo 2006 festival as one of the veritable highlights. Where the first album was genuinely inspired by Balkan music, the second Cd, titled ‘Zet je maar’, shows a lot more than Balkan brass. The new album incorporates influences from all over the world to a unique sound and features following guests: Mahabub Khan (voice/tabla/Rajasthan/Musafir), Aisha Haskal (voice/Morocco), Paola Marquez (voice/Colombia), Saf (voice/Belgium) and Tcha Limberger (violin/Belgian gypsy). The band played on a lot of festivals in Belgium and is now on the verge to play around Europe. In November 2005 they were invited to the studios of Radio Popolare (Italy/Milan), the end of March 2006 they were invited again to Italy (Bologna), in May 2006 they played on the Balkan Brass Festival in Prague (Roxy), in June 2006 they played in Berlin on the Festival der Kulturen,… In 2007 they were invited on a Balkan Festival of the Wiener Festwochen (Vienna). In 2008 they played on two major world music festivals in Belgium: Sfinks Festival and Dranouter Festival. You can find some songs of the band on different compilations: Gypsy Garden Vol. 2 (Lola’s World Records – Germany), Flamundo Vol. 2 (compilation of the Flemish Music Center), Balkanbeats Vol. 2 (Eastblok Music – Berlin),… Musicians: Heikki Verdure – Trumpet - Bart Maris – Trumpet - Lieven Roman – Alto sax - Adriaan Verwée – Clarinet - Mathias Van de Wiele – Alto horn - Ruben Deprez – Euphonium - Bertel Schollaert – Bariton sax - Dieter Bossu – Helikon - Berlinde Deman - Bastuba - Dimitri Simoen – Tapan/drums - Fred Kramer – darbouka/percussie - Michael De Schryver – Accordeon

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