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DJ Jona

Jon Sweetname

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/jonsweetname

Дискография DJ Jona:

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Jona is Dj and producer from Barcelona. and he has mixed in small clubs and music bars in the city. Your style is House music, all the house music, deep, tribal, underground, progressive, tech, electronic, minimal... Actually he is playing every month in Blue Monk Cafe and the summer is resident of a beach music "chiringuito" La Fresketa, Badalona. As a producer has been a finalist of the Sarah McLachlan remix contest on Beatport. Finalist of the 2º Remix contest Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza from Deejay Spain magazine on 2006 and finalist on Deejay magazine Spain remix contest 2007 "DJ Disciple - Work it out".

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