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Veze Skante

Richard Morales

Группа в интернете: http://www.vezeskante.com/

Дискография Veze Skante:

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Watching his step father being murdered at the hands of his own uncle, to fathering a child at the young age of 14, all while continuing to make ends meet by whipping Colombia's number one export. To others, a nightmare, but for young Richard Morales a.k.a Veze Skante (pronounced Vee-Zee-Skaan-te') it was just another day. Beginning at the ripe age of 10, it was evident Veze had the talent to put the treacherous street grind of Reseda, California into words. This is when his gift was revealed. Meshing pain, power and profit into melodic rhymes, Veze Skante kept grinding daily and patiently waited for his time to shine. After being introduced to legendary video director Jessy Terrero, the duo formed a partnership and began putting visuals together to match Veze's rhymes. Veze and Jessy served the streets with "Sucio" and the ladies were treated to "Covergirl", the later video became an overnight sensation on the critically acclaimed worldwide cable channel SiTV. It soon became evident that Veze's Capo Regime and Terrero Films were well on their way to reaching a higher plateau. Enter Los Angeles' upstart music group, The First Family. After inking a deal with Veze Skante and Terrero Films, the three became one forming an unprecedented multimedia powerhouse. First Family moved quickly to pair Veze Skante with the hottest producers in the game. Heavyweight beat makers such as Miami's own Cool & Dre ("D-Boy Stunt", "Last Day On Earth"), to Mississippi's #1 artist/producer David Banner ("Jump On It") and the introduction of LA's own Scoop De Ville ("Die Famous") were paired with Veze Skante to bring his sound to life. Hits have been made with more to come and Veze Skante & the First Family are set to enter the rap game with quality product for the streets from coast to coast.

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