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Bill Thompson (4)

William Henry Thompson, Jr.

Также известно как: Touche' Turtle

Дискография Bill Thompson (4):

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Bill Thompson (July 8, 1913 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA - July 15, 1971 in Culver City, California, USA) was an American voice actor, known as the voice of [b]Droopy[/b], [b]White Rabbit / Dodo[/b] in [a=Walt Disney]'s "Alice in Wonderland", [b]Mr. Smee[/b] (and other pirates) in "Peter Pan", and [b]King Hubert[/b] in "Sleeping Beauty", among others. In "Lady and the Tramp" he was heard in no less than five dialect parts, as [b]Jock[/b] the friendly Scottish terrier, [b]Bull[/b] the Cockney bulldog, [b]Dachsie[/b] the German dachshund, [b]Joe[/b] the Italian cook, and the Irish policeman in the park. In short films, he was heard as [b]Ranger J. Audobon Woodlore[/b] in several Donald Duck and Humphrey the Bear entries and as [b]Professor Owl[/b] in two music related shorts, including the Academy Award winning "Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom", amongst many others. He reprised both of these roles in Disney's various television series, and was the first actor to voice the comic book character [b]Scrooge McDuck[/b] in "Scrooge McDuck and Money". Thompson's final role was as [b]Uncle Waldo[/b] in "The Aristocats", released shortly before his sudden death from acute septic shock on July 15, 1971, at 58 years old.

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