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Michelin Abdol

Nazeer Abdol

Дискография Michelin Abdol:

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TERROR MC - Biography PROLOGUE Nazeer Abdol , a name most people are fairly unfamiliar with, yet this is the birth title given to one of South Africa's most profound mc's not to mention arguably one of the hardest workers to date, who is this individual? Well , he's better known as TERROR MC and this is a recap of the future of SA hip hop. IN THE BEGINNING Kraaifontein, Capetown, South Africa 1985, born during a period of political turmoil this 26 year old would face various challenges before becoming known as the straight talking stage tearing machine gun motor mouth we know him as today. He would experience death {and yes, he actually died}and rebirth with after effects that would break even those amongst us of the strongest willpower, this was due to a tragic accident which left him with severe swelling in the cranial region and an imbalance on the left side of his body.

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