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Jeff Bruchell

Дискография Jeff Bruchell:

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Bruchell arrived at 'The Magic Band' house and among Vliet's circle of now highly-stressed musicians at the closure of the "Trout Mask Replica" recordings. He replaced [a196010] (aka Drumbo, sadly the uncredited drummer & transcriber of the TMR works), who had literally been 'kicked down the stairs' by Vliet and out of the band in favor of this drummer, who was an acquaintance of [a343714] (Vliet's cousin). Bruchell's tenure existed during the band's tour of Europe in the fall of 1969 and was short-lived. He allegedly broke some of [a407002]'s ribs in this period of acrimony which surrounded the band. Vliet had also married [a779664] at this point and thereafter "His Magic Band" (a name developed around 'a band who would appear when he drank Pepsi' as a Grant Associates PR marketing strategy) became a collection of rotating musicians using the band's original nomenclature "The Magic Band", as formed by Alexis Clair Snouffer (aka [a412619]). (Thereafter, the former band title would only officially reappear on "The Legendary A&M Sessions", later released from archive material).

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