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Jimmy Grier

James W. Grier.

Также известно как: Grier, J. Grier, Jimmie Grier, Jimmy Crier
Группа в интернете: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0340942/

Дискография Jimmy Grier:

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American jazz clarinetist,composer and bandleader. He worked with : Abe Lyman, George Stoll and Gus Arnheim group's. He was popular bandleader (mid-30s) and recorded for Brunswick, Columbia and Decca Records. Born : March 17, 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Died : June 04, 1959 in Los Angeles, California Grier was a musician in dance orchestras and led his own orchestra from 1931-1933. He collaborated with [a=Pinky Tomlin] on numerous popular songs including "Music in the Moonlight", "Bon Voyage", "Remember Cherie", "Hollywood at Vine", "Silver River", "Anitra's Boogie", "What's the Reason?", and "Ivy-Covered Harbor".

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