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Lorenzo Meinardi

Lorenzo Meinardi

Также известно как: L Meinardi, L. Meinardi, Meinardi

Дискография Lorenzo Meinardi:

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Italian author and musician, also singer, born in Rome 7 September 1958. Very active in the 80's with the [i]Italo-Disco[/i] genre (see [a=Moses (2)]'s [i]Our Revolution/We Just[/i]), was also covering the record producer'role as did in 1983 for [i]My Destiny[/i] by [a=Witch Elizabeth], released on 12" by [l=Best Record]. Co-author of several songs by french popstar [a=Jeanne Mas], in the 1984 sung in the first person with the art name of [a=Richard Romeo] on disco-hit [i]Non Chalance[/i], 7" and 12" released by [l=Polygram Records]. Has enjoyed often collaborating with his silky voice in many songs for children.

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