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Conviction (2)

Miloš Basara, Silvester Edelinski, Borko Drljača, Dušan Basara, Nikola Višnjić

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/convictionns

Дискография Conviction (2):

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Conviction as a band emerged in autumn 2006. The band was formed by a drummer Nikola and a bass player Karchi with an desire to play energetic metalcore. Soon enough evil Milosh joins the band as a vocal and Silvester as the guitar. The band does some serious work and after a period of couple of months records its first song. Afterwards, Karchi leaves the band and a longer pause takes place due to the search for a bass player replacement. After some time, new bass player, Bojan, and second guitar player Borko join the band and things start working out. More gigs start happening all over Novi Sad and Vojvodina. After a year, the band changes its bass player again and Milosh's evil brother Dushan takes Bojan's place. His entrance into the band results in more active and productive work of the band as a whole. Band members: Miloš Basara - vocals Silvester Edelinski - guitar Borko Drljača - guitar Dušan Basara - bass Nikola Višnjić - drums

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