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Mizz Redz

Kie'Arra Marie Pretlow

Также известно как: Kie'Arra Pretlow
Группа в интернете: http://www.wikimusicguide.com/Mizz_Redz

Дискография Mizz Redz:

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As an original member, Mizz Redz joined Profound Intent as the groups first and only female rapper in 2006. She is famous for her sassy diva like rap lines, and her relation to LaPret. [b]About[/b] Kie'Arra Pretlow, born April 26, 1990, is the last original member to join Profound Intent. She grew up closely with her uncle LaPret. In mid 2006, she would join the group Profound Intent, as the first and only female rapper. In 2006, she and the group recorded the single, Play the Field. On December 13, 2006, she made her recording debut when she appeared on the single which released worldwide via iTunes, and later through other major outlets. She made her publication debut in the March 2007 issue of On Tap Magazine, in the "Profound Intentions" article, with the group. [b]Profound Intent[/b] Mizz Redz was put in the middle of a heated "beef" between her uncle LaPret and original member Jahnae "Misty" Johnson who left the group in December 2006. During the Fall-Winter 2006 Live In Living Color Tour, Johnson left the group, amid claims that frontman LaPret was favoring Mizz Redz, by giving her the upper-hand and working solely in his and her best interests. In March 2007, LaPret took the focus off Mizz Redz, when he stated that Johnson was “booted” from the group, because her “personal style” was “not coherent” with that of the groups.

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