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Makoto Murase

Также известно как: Macotrax
Группа в интернете: http://blog.makotrax.com, http://www.myspace.com/makotrax

Дискография Makotrax:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Alkaline 4 audio iTunes 2008-02-22 Landscape Music
2 N Point EP 2 audio iTunes 2008-09-18 Eye Records (2)
3 Oxygen EP 2 audio iTunes 2008-10-17 Eye Records (2)
4 Mach Rider EP 3 audio iTunes 2008-11-14 EyeX Records
5 Oxygen Remixxx 2009 3 audio iTunes 2009-01-29 Eye Records (2)
6 Homeward 4 audio iTunes 2009-08-31 Moody Moon Recordings
7 Haru At The Sea 3 audio iTunes 2009-09-17 Pool 8 Records
8 Butterfly / Distant 2 audio iTunes 2010-07-05 Nellie Recordings
9 Hagoromo 2 audio iTunes 2010-09-23 Mango Alley Recordings
10 Panorama Car 2 audio iTunes 2011-11-28 Mango Alley Recordings

Makoto Murase aka MAKOTRAX was born in 1978. He grew up Tokyo Japan. In the 90's Makoto started participating in the Club/Rave scene in Japan. From House to Techno and everywhere in between, he has crafted a unique and ever-evolving style. Using finely polished electronic beats coupled with grooved-up waves that wash over, you will not be able to escape from the dance floor!. He was featured on domestic(Japan) Trance label ELF-MUSIC's 2006 compliation 'FAR EAST TECHNOLOGY' that caused a stir from Brazil to Russia. In August of 2007, his remix tracks of domestic(Japan) artist USCUS(VAN-recordings) hit number 3 on music download site WasaBeat's Progressive House chart. In March of 2008, his track 'ALKALINE'(Landscape Music) hit number 1 on music download site hrfq.com's Trance chart. He has received rave reviews from Ferry Corsten's up and coming artist Breakfast, and his mix of Makotrax unreleased tracks has been causing a stir on Canada's ONAIR radio station and Shibuya FM. In 2008, he gets grand prize of friskyRadio remix competition for Federico Epis /Sensations Remix.it also gets Top 1 on beatDigital charts. In 2009 he plans to release tracks on Breakfast's Moody Moon Recordiings, The SIGNAL, EYE Records, friskyRecords, microCastle music, mango alley recordings, frame recordings, 2e2l and more.

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