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Ronald Kohn

Ronald Kohn

Также известно как: Ronald K.
Группа в интернете: http://www.stereoptico.com/artists/ronald.html, http://www.myspace.com/ronaldkohn, http://soundcloud.com/ronaldkohn

Дискография Ronald Kohn:

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Born and raised in the DR, Ronald began spinning records a bit before his 16th birthday. He bugged his best friend ever since, constantly invading his bedroom to keep practicing. Became a huge technogeek, but also open to other genres, specifically after his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto in 2007, making him the first Dominican to do so. He's also been a music journalist contributing to 809K, the website when it comes to the scene in Dominican Republic. Ever since, he's had a strong focus on production, and finding his sound. You can hear 2 of his tracks on the RBMA Various Assets compilation, one techno, one more... beat-oriented. Started running with the Stereoptico crew in 2008, good friends with label mates and fellow RBMA participants n6el and Cohoba, plus the rest of the family. Keep your eyes peeled for more from him, under his name or some other moniker.

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