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Francis Wagner

Francis Marc Wagner

Также известно как: F. Wagner, Wagner F.
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/markfwagner, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mark-Wagner/28024905913, http://www.myspace.com/loverblush, http://www.myspace.com/blackdominoproject

Дискография Francis Wagner:

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Francis Marc Wagner aka Mark Wagner was born in 1972 in Liege (Belgium). Involved in electronic music since 1993, his name appears on several tracks released on belgian labels : Biorhythms - Move It On (House Factory 1993) S.C.C - Techno Christmas (Indisc 1994) ((O))Zone - I Build My World (Private Life Music 1996) Sjaka - 21 Love (Sphear 2000) Shortly after, Mark starts focusing himself on other musical projects during some years and he gives up the music production for a while until 2006. 2007 : he's coming back on the electronic music scene and the sound of his new productions is a mix between Club, Trance, Electro House & Disco House sounds. Teaming up with Yasmin James, talented singer and songwriter from London, He's starting "Loverblush", an electro/disco/house project. Since then, he’s also involved with Steve Delrez (Dj/Producer) on a side project called Black Domino. They released their first track “Feel your love” Feat. Lydia in 2009 on the N.Y. based label, System Recordings. The track was supported by many djs and radio stations accross the world. Their second track, “Switch” was also released few times ago, also on System Recordings. Mark, who’s contnuously looking for new collaborations , is also remixing and collaborating with producers and artists like Luc Rigaux (aka Skreatch) and Lianne Morgan. Discography from 2009: Black Domino feat. Lydia - Feel your love (System Recordings 2009) Black Domino - Switch (System Recordings 2009) Skreatch - Vogue (Mark Wagner NG's remix 2009) (Dancestreet 2009) Skreatch - Roxanne Vs Lullaby (Mark Wagner Remix) (Futurebase 2010)

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