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Leif Totusek

Группа в интернете: http://www.leiftotusek.com

Дискография Leif Totusek:

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Leif Totusek is an American born guitarist, band-leader and composer. A major player on the scene in London, Seattle, Boston, who has played, collaborated and been special guest with African Artist Mose Fan Fan, Ali Birra, Geoffrey Oryema, Diblo Dibala, Orchestra Virunga, Tabu Ley Rochereau and many other important artists.He is also well versed in the be-bop idiom, and many other musical styles and cultural music. Raised in a musical family on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA, Leif first began performing at age 15 with Seattle's F.A.M.E and St. Teresa Gospel choirs and numerous musical groups, including: "Lora and Sukutai"( Zimbabwe) . "Paisley Sin"( Seattle-grunge). "MTQ" Martin Totusek (jazz) and others. At age 17, Leif traveled to London, England and immersed himself in the London ethnic/jazz scene. He toured with Soukous veteran Mose se Fan Fan, (former member of the late Franco Luambo Makiadi and TPOK Jazz) and his group "Somo Somo" - members included: Roy Dodds, John Glyn, Huw Warren,Doreen Webster, T. Daniel Howard. He also performed with Nigerian jazz artist Gasper Lawal "The African Oro Band" - Salah Dawson Miller’s World fusion band "Orquesta Chakckouka" - Eddie Edem "Hi-life" and with many other world and jazz musicians. In 1982, Leif created his African/jazz influenced band "Freestyle Candela" adding Arne Livingston on bass and percussionist Mamadi Kamara on percussion in 1984. It was originally called "Seattle Jazz" then "Freestyle" before settling on "Freestyle Candela". At age 26, Leif relocated to Boston hiring local musicians Joshua Redman , Mark Turner , Scott Gilman , Jessica Lurie and others. Blending Soukous , blues and jazz in his original compositions, Leif helped popularize Zairian Soukous guitar in the Boston music scene. He also performed and recorded with the Haitian band Batwel Rada and the Senegalese band Ibrahima Camara. At age 29, Leif returned to Seattle creating his new band name Freestyle Candela ." Today he resides in Seattle still performing shows with his groups "Leif Totusek and 1-2-3" , "Freestyle Candela" and other artists.

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