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Cash (8)

Sipho Nhlapo

Дискография Cash (8):

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South African Rapper from Mthatha, E.C., Cash started making moves in the rap world from the early years of his high school in 1997. Going to school with the likes of [a=Nyambz], [a=L.I.], [a=ProChrist] and other hiphop talents, it was clear that he would persue hiphop. He formed his first group, [b]Disaster[/b] in 1998, which was later called Sacred Knights. After the loss of one of the members and close friend to Cash, the group split and Cash went on a hiatus from hiphop. In 2002, Cash started a hiphop radio show in Mthatha, called "The Basement", which birthed [b]The Base Mob[/b], a collective of MC's from the Eastern Cape. In 2004, after the death of his father, Cash packed his things and left for Johannesburg in 2005 and completed a course in Sound Engineering. He met Lynx and [a=IGHO] and formed the R'n'B/Hiphop group, [b]The Pyramid[/b]. Throughout 2005/06 The Pyramid traveled all across the country, made radio history for debuting at no.1 on the Metro FM charts and staying in the top ten for 20 weeks, and gained major success on Channel O with their flossed out video "Sweet Sixteen". This was followed by a distribution deal through Sony. they released "[b]The Pyramid of the Game[/b]" and continued to chart on YFM and on Metro FM. Hungry to do a Solo project, Cash released the "[b]Dirty Cash Mixtape[/b]" and hit no.1 on the Metro FM charts once again with his single "Whip". He followed this up by setting up his record label DC Ent. and built his recording studios in Randburg in 2007, starting a new group, more focused on street hiphop called [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Monopoly%2C+The]The Monopoly[/url]. The group consisted of [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Koli]Koli the Kid[/url], a long time associate, and former member Young Zooloo. In 2008, Cash and business associate Bondizzo (CEO of Crack Boys Entertainment), formed "[url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Crack+Boys]Dem Crack Boys[/url]" after collaborating together on DJ Kels - Catch me if you can mixtape, and have released several mixtapes and DVD's on [l=Crack Boys Entertainment] since.

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