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Teddi King

Theodora King

Дискография Teddi King:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Out Of The Blue Program #7 / #8 6 audio iTunes U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service
2 Out Of The Blue Program #5 / #6 6 audio iTunes U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service
3 River Of Regret / Blue Tango 2 audio iTunes 1959 Coral
4 A Girl And Her Songs 4 audio iTunes 1957 RCA Victor
5 Bidin' My Time 8 audio iTunes 1956 RCA Victor
6 Say It Isn't So 2 audio iTunes 1956 RCA Victor
7 Boston Bust Out 15 audio iTunes HEP Records (3)
8 Traveling Down A Lonely Road 2 audio iTunes 1956 RCA Victor
9 Storyville Presents Miss Teddi King 8 audio iTunes Storyville (3)
10 Now In Vogue 12 audio iTunes 1955 Vogue
11 Bidin' My Time 12 audio iTunes 1956 RCA Victor
12 Lovers & Losers 15 audio iTunes 1976 Audiophile (2)
13 To You From Teddi King 12 audio iTunes 1985 RCA Victor
14 Mr. Wonderful/Are You Slipping Through My Fingers 2 audio iTunes RCA Victor
15 All The King's Songs 12 audio iTunes 1987
16 Teddi King With The George Shearing Quintet 4 audio iTunes 1957 MGM Records
17 This Is New 13 audio iTunes 1978 Inner City Records
18 Temptation / Flamingo 4 audio iTunes Coral
19 Temptation / Flamingo 4 audio iTunes Coral

Teddi King (September 18, 1929 – November 18, 1977) was an American jazz and pop vocalist. Born Theodora King in Boston, Massachusetts on September 18, 1929, she won a singing competition hosted by Dinah Shore at Boston's Tributary Theatre, later beginning work in a touring revue involved with "cheering up the military in the lull between the Second World War and the Korean conflict. Improving her vocal and piano technique during this time, she first recorded with Nat Pierce in 1949, later recording with the Beryl Booker trio and with several other small groups from 1954-1955 (recordings which were available on three albums for Storyville). She then toured with George Shearing for two years beginning in the summer of 1952, and for a time was managed by the famed George Wein. King later began performing for a time in Las Vegas. Ultimately signing with RCA, she recorded three albums for the label, beginning with 1956's Bidin' My Time. She also had some minor chart success with the singles "Mr. Wonderful" (which made the Top 20 in 1956), "Married I Can Always Get" and "Say It Isn't So" (both of which made the Hot 100 from 1957–1958). Her critically praised 1959 album All the Kings' Songs found her interpreting the signature songs of contemporary male singers like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole (the "kings" of the title). In the 1960s, she opened the Playboy Club, where she often performed. After developing lupus, she managed to make a brief comeback with a 1977 album featuring Dave McKenna, and with two more albums recorded for Audiophile released posthumously. She eventually died of the disease on November 18, 1977. King's style, influenced by Lee Wiley, Mildred Bailey and Mabel Mercer, has won her a small but devoted cult following.

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