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Florian Billan

Florian Billan

Группа в интернете: www.happyhardcore.at

Дискография Florian Billan:

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Nightforce became interested in electronic music when he was very young. First he got hooked on the typical Euro Dance / Hard Trance sound from the late 90’s. Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen Nightforce’s musical influence really began to take shape. He converted from trance to hardcore and started learning how to mix records on a set of his brother’s turntables. In 2006 he started to produce his own music with Fruity Loops Producer Edition v.6 (now v.7,8). Starting with Gabber, he switched after only a few months to Hardcore and Freeform. His style is a mix between fast and hard acid lines with beautiful, dark and melancholic melodies and uplifting elements. They heavy use of voice, saw pads combined with fast played Arp Riffs and the typical 303 Acid sound gives his tracks a really driving and euphoric characteristic. His inspiration comes from producer like Alek Szahala, Twisted Freq, Ephexis, Carbon Based and Pain On Creation but also from artists like Cosmic Gate, Shog, Scott Project and many other artists from different music genres. Twisted Freq guided him in the darker Freeform sound, he helped him with his earlier productions and showed him many tricks and ways at producing. He’s one of the few people in Vienna who produces and plays the UK-Hardcore / Freeform style, actually one of the only people in Austria too (Maybe the only one!). There are only some small Gabber parties where the same music and tracks running up and down. Boring? Yes it is… nightforce At the beginning of 2007 Nightforce started a project called “Uplift-Project”, a German info and community site for UK, Happy and Freeform Hardcore. At the end of 2007 he also started www.happyhardcore.at which was merged with uplift-project. With this he tries to promote the typical Hardcore and Freeform sound in Austria. With a new force upon the Austrian hardcore scene and worldwide, Nightforce hopes to infect the masses with his wondrous sound of Freeform Hardcore. Visit me at: http://www.myspace.com/nightforce88 http://www.happyhardcore.at http://www.uplift-project.com

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