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Nkosinathi Maphumulo

Nkosinathi (Nathi) Maphumulo

Также известно как: N.I Maphumulo, N.I. Maphumulo, Nathi, Nkhosinathi Mapumulo

Дискография Nkosinathi Maphumulo:

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Born in Durban, South Africa, [b]Nathi Maphumulo[/b] first cut his musical teeth as part of his school's choir, then studied music theory at the Natal Technikon. In 2001 he left his native KwaZulu-Natal for the buzz of Gauteng, playing and freelancing at events, parties and clubs before securing a residency at the Voodoo Lounge nightclub. His career was jumpstarted after participating at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2003. In 2006 he launched the [l=Soul Natives Music] label and has also started the "The DJ Black Coffee Foundation" in an effort to uplift and assist people with disabilities in South Africa (his left arm is disabled after a car accident during childhood). In September 2010 he set a world record for the longest DJ set (60 hours) -- using one arm.

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