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Marc Orion

Mark-Philip van der Poel

Группа в интернете: http://www.marcorion.com/

Дискография Marc Orion:

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Mark-Philip van der Poel, a.k.a. Marc Orion, started making music in 1992 and released his first record in 1997 under the name Marc Orion, with the label: U-Base, Twist Records, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Diex collaborated in one of the tracks called: Final Fronts, which is also the name of the EP. The same year, he started performing live at parties all across Holland with his friends Diex and Rinse under the name Groove Wreckaz, till he moved to Barcelona, Spain in 1999. In the year 2000 he launched his second record with Jason from Input Records under the name Tekno Twinns. During this year he performed live at several parties across Catalonia and collaborated with Input in making music for the CD-Rom called: Control Meter. This CD was sponsored by the Spanish government in collaboration with Energy Control, targeting young people to make them aware of the dangers of drug consumption with 30.000 copies released in 2001. Input..s track "They forced me to take drugs" has been a great success on this mentioned CD-ROM In the year 2003 he joined the Bastard Machines in which he performed Live across Spain and Italy with his buddy Sascha B. making Electro and Techno / Acid productions till the end of 2005 In 2006, Mark-Philip continued under the name Marc Orion, in independent productions and collaborated in different projects with different artists like the African artist from Uganda, Kinobe Herbert: With DJ Monne from Holland he has played at different night venues under a minimal / electro concept called: Get up and Dance! The project started from an initiative that started at the Full Moon parties on the beach of Sitges in the summer of 2006- From there on they started organizing Minimal / Electro parties at more intimate places like music bars throughout Barcelona. This to join people who come and have a chat and a drink with their friends and dance to their favorite music, which is hard to find these days in the city. Lately they’ve also organized after parties and even played at an art gallery. Recently he has teemed up with his old buddy from Holland to make some great new tracks and teamed up with the label UTCH from Chile.

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