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Bill Dern

William Dern

Также известно как: Bill Dern Management, Dern

Дискография Bill Dern:

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Producer - manager - General manager of [l=Hyena Records]. Born in 1945. He became president of Bill Dern Management in 1976 for six years, when he was dealing mainly with jazz artists. Later he worked as vice president of TWM Management in the first half of the 80s and managed [a=Manhattans] along with [a=Kool & The Gang] and [a=Dr. John]. Later in the 80's he managed, among others, [a=New Edition] and [a=Sister Sledge], and in the 90s, besides working as a manager for numerous artists, he became the consultant and executive producer for [a=Temptations, The] and [a=Four Tops].

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