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Aureliano De Iacovo

Также известно как: KT

Дискография Aureliano De Iacovo:

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Italian musician from Bari. He started as bass player in the trash-metal band Feltura in 1988 and in the electro-gothic band King's Bloody Heart in 1989. In 1990 he becomes more and more involved in the electronic music production, being an active member in the ebm band Technique Over Line together with Gianfranco Ferrulli and Filippo Fusillo, the both coming from Medianic Powers and King's Bloody Heart bands. After the split of Technique Over Line he was involved (from December 1996 to June 2000) in the third and fourth line-ups of the electro-industrial band from Bari Kebabträume. After 2000 he reformes Technique Over Line together with Filippo Fusillo (and in some periods with Gianfranco Ferrulli) without touring or relasing anything.

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