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Joe Saehrig

Также известно как: Joe

Дискография Joe Saehrig:

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Started to sing in school band [a=Exzess (5)] in 1980. Was involved with weekend project [a=Zyklon-Schlips & Die Atombomben] as singer a bit later, too. Picked up the bass guitar and formed [a=E.V. (4)] late 1981 with Charlie Clausen and Peter Haaks when Exzess broke up. "Zyklon Schlips" released the tape [r=5904904] in an edition of 50 copies only, and all bands were part of the [r=5904779] compilation tape. In the mid 1980´s [a=E.V. (4)] became [a=3 Of A Perfect Pair] with new drummer Rudi. After the demise of [a=3 Of A Perfect Pair] Joe switched to guitar, kept Rudi and formed [a=Black Nivea] in 1989. Ever since, in different incarnations, Black Nivea kept an extremely low key existance, and there are plans for a 25 anniversary show in 2014. Joe wrote most of the lyrics for all bands involved, plus most of the music for Black Nivea, too.

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