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Riff Glitchard

Andrew Gorbould

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/mrriffglitchard, http://www.myspace.com/bombberlin

Дискография Riff Glitchard:

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Riff Glitchard is the Techno and Breakcore alias of Andy Gorbould. Andy has been producing Hardcore/Gabber, Techno, Breakcore and many other genres since 1999. In 2007 Andy was signed by [l=Industrial Strength Records] to release some of his techno tunes. In 2009 he has forthcoming releases planned for [l=Industrial Strength Records], [l=IST Records], [l=Foctam Records] (with [a=Kid Crusher]) and [l=Obsession Records (2)]. Also planned for future release are tracks from his gabber-punk band Bomb Berlin with singers Billy Liar and Jamie Christ. For more info and bookings please check out the myspace websites!

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