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Level (7)

Члены группы Level (7): Christian Schirrmeister, Ingo Hobuß, Martin Hain

Дискография Level (7):

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The band formed late 1980 in Spandau, West-Berlin, Germany and consisted originally of [a=Martin Hain] (guitar, vocals), [a=Christian Schirrmeister] (bass, vocals) and [a=Ingo Hobuß] (saxophone) and a drum machine. They played all kinds of styles of rock and dance music. Later they expanded their line-up with [a=Stefan Caspary] (drums) and [b]Jörg Springer[/b] (trumpet, trombone and vocals) and changed their name to [b]Level Formazion[/b]. They described their new style as "White Funk and rocking brass music".

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