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Bhikkhu Schober

Klaus D. Schober

Также известно как: Bhikkhu, Klaus Schober
Группа в интернете: http://www.newearthrecords.com/staff/bhikkhu-schober/

Дискография Bhikkhu Schober:

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Co-founder and co-owner of [l17995]. He is a vegan, organic food addict, pacifist, and meditator. Since the 1970’s when he participated in one of the first health food stores in Amsterdam, he has been involved in anything green and sustainable. Baby Boomer, Beatles, Student revolutions, new lifestyles. Bhikkhu left Germany for Amsterdam and greener pastures (aka India) in the ’70s. He took the magic bus from Amsterdam through Iran, Afghanistan to Kathmandu and Goa twice and spent 10 years in India meditating and sharing quality time with friends at the Osho ashram in Pune (now Osho International Meditation Resort). Additionally, he created the films ‘The Rising Moon’ and ‘Socrates Poisoned Again’ and in 1990 co-started New Earth Records (originally Tao Music) from Munich. In 1995 the headquarters was located in Boulder, CO, then moved to in 2000 to Santa Fe, NM, and then back to Boulder, CO again in 2013.

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