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Reverend Cleophus Robinson

Также известно как: Brother Cleophus Robinson, C. Robinson, Cleophus Robinson, Rev. C. Robinson, Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Rev.Cleophus Robinson, Reverend Cleophus Robinson, Sr., Reverend Cleophus Robinson, The, Reverend Cleosuph Robinson, Robinson

Дискография Reverend Cleophus Robinson:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 A Gospel Christmas Card 17 audio iTunes 1993 Specialty Records Inc.
2 Remember Me (Sermonette) / Trouble Don't Last Always 2 audio iTunes 1964 Peacock Records
3 Sweet Home / I Believe 2 audio iTunes 1962 Peacock Records
4 Why Am I Treated So Bad / He's Done Great Things 2 audio iTunes 1966 Peacock Records
5 He Did It All / Battle Hymn Of The Republic 2 audio iTunes 1967 Peacock Records
6 Someone To Care / Let The King Come In 2 audio iTunes 1968 Peacock Records
7 God's Love / Shout Shout 2 audio iTunes 1969 Peacock Records
8 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By God / Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross 2 audio iTunes 1965 Savoy Records
9 Ain't Nobody's Business 2 audio iTunes 1972 Nashboro
10 Struggle On, Struggle On 8 audio iTunes 1979 Savoy Records
11 Negro Spirituals 4 audio iTunes 1957 Vogue Records
12 Just Ask Him 2 audio iTunes 1965 Peacock Records
13 Pray For Me 10 audio iTunes 1961-12-00 Peacock Records
14 I Shall Know Him 10 audio iTunes 1999-03-09
15 Because He Lives / I Shall Know Him 2 audio iTunes 1977 Nashboro
16 Oh, Lord, You Said So 10 audio iTunes 1979 Savoy Records, Inc.
17 Poor Boy From Mississippi 10 audio iTunes 1974 Nashboro
18 He Won't Fail You 2 audio iTunes 1967 Peacock Records
19 Someone To Care (The Battle Sessions) 26 audio iTunes 1994 Ace
20 Jesus Will Fix Every Situation 8 audio iTunes 1982 Savoy Records
21 The Unfolding Book Of Life 2 audio iTunes Peacock Records
22 Consolation 10 audio iTunes 1980 Savoy Records
23 There's Only One Bridge 9 audio iTunes 1975 Nashboro
24 Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up: The Reverend Cleophus Robinson Collection 24 audio iTunes 1995 Nashboro
25 Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up / Sacred Meditation 2 audio iTunes Nashboro
26 Grace Made A Change / I Know Prayer Changes Things 2 audio iTunes 1962 Battle Records

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