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Florentin Delmar

Florian Milea

Также известно как: Ф. Дельмар, Флорентин Дельмар, F. Delmar, Fl. Delmar, Fl.Delmar
Группа в интернете: http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florentin_Delmar, http://florentindelmar.wordpress.com/

Дискография Florentin Delmar:

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Romanian composer born April 8, 1917, Focşani - passed away March 31, 1983, Bucureşti. He studyed piano in childhood with Elena Nagel and N. Handman. In 1935 he enroll at Consevatorul in Cluj, where he organized the first official students pop music band that held numerous concerts. Start writing their own lyrics music, continued to study art song and tenor C. T. Stroescu Spătaru. In December 1938 Radio debut in a program of vocal music, accompanied by orchestra S.R.D.E. under the pseudonym Florentin Delmar, names that will keep it for life. in 1947 became member of the Composers and Musicologists Union, the same year became musical secretary of the musical and lyrical artists Trade Union . In 1950 founded Steaua, his own orchestra at Radio, that will lead for two years. Works as soloist, and lecturer corepetitor (piano), Constantin Tanase Theater. He wrote pop music, film music and was an early and eminent promoters of Romanian pop music, with Ion Vasilescu, Henry Mălineanu and Edmond Deda. Some of his compositions are songs from popular music reference in Romanian: Brezuţa, Don Juan din Popa Nan, La Cabana Trei Brazi, Serenada Twist, Te Caut, Seara asta-i Seara Noastră, De Dragul Dragostei, Orice chitară are un nume, Te ştiu, Adună-ţi soarele-n priviri, Serenada Bucureştiului.

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