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Члены группы Rorcal: Bruno da Encarnago, Christophe Grannet, Diogo Almeida, JP Schopfer, Ron Lahyani
Группа в интернете: http://www.rorcal.com/, http://rorcal.tumblr.com/, http://rorcal.bandcamp.com/, http://www.myspace.com/doomrorcaldoom, http://www.facebook.com/Rorcal, http://www.youtube.com/doomrorcaldoom

Дискография Rorcal:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Way We Are, The Way We Were, The Way We Will Be... 5 audio iTunes 2007 Sigma Records (4)
2 Ascension 3 audio iTunes 2007
3 Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa 9 audio iTunes 2008-09-08 Thundering Records
4 Monochrome 3 audio iTunes 2008-09-01 Cal Of Ror Records
5 Heliogabalus 67 audio iTunes 2010 Division Records (2)
6 Világvége 8 audio iTunes 2013-02-28
7 Vilagvege 8 audio iTunes 2013-02-28 Wolves And Vibrancy Records
8 Világvége 8 audio iTunes 2013-08-10
9 Világvége 8 audio iTunes 2013-08-10
10 Világvége 8 audio iTunes 2014
11 Világvége - Live In Geneva - 2014 8 audio iTunes 2014-06-20 Cal Of Ror Records
12 Split 6 audio iTunes 2014

RORCAL offers a trip through different atmospheres. Sometimes heavy, sometimes melancholic, the fogy worlds were the musicians float are composed of as much desperate cries than raging fury. Born by the gathering of 5 members of various bands from Geneva (Switzerland) in 2006, the formation is highly active through their gigs and writings. After a first EP ("The way we are, the way we were, the way we will be..."), an audiovisual project in collaboration with different musicians (Monochrome), a ten-musicians split with Kehlvin (Ascension) and many gigs in Switzerland, Belgium and France, the band just released their first full length CD. Through this concept album, the band purposes to discover the tale of "Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa". Somewhere between the skies and abysses, Rorcal offers a powerful and melodic music, like the migration of colossus through a frozen hell. Band Members: Junior (Ex:SAFT) - Vocals Bruno (Ex:LSP) - Bass JP (LSP+Ex:Pression) - Guitares Diogo (LSP) - Guitares Ron (Ex:Distrip) - Drums

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