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Pavel Benov

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/kigamidnb, http://hmsu.net/artist/kigami, http://soundcloud.com/kigami

Дискография Kigami:

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Born on 30.07.1985 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His first steps in music start at 6 years of age when he started playing piano. First experiments were with his friends at home or in studios, playing mostly punk and hardcore. Kigami starts his trip to electronic music at age of 16 when he made his first computer tune. After that he seriously got involved into computer synthesized music and started experimenting in lots of electronic styles such as DNB, IDM, Ambient, Breakbeat, Jazz, Industrial, Trip-Hop etc. Currently Kigami is studying sound engineering and working as the creator of the PC game "Earthrise" from Masthead Studios.

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