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Chris Maresh, Glover Johns Gill, Justin Sherburn

Члены группы Glovertango: Chris Maresh, Glover Gill, Justin Sherburn
Группа в интернете: http://glovertango.com

Дискография Glovertango:

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Glovertango performs the passionate and captivating traditional music of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Drawing on arrangements from the Golden Age of Tango, the group combines faithful renditions of early 20th century tangos, milongas, and waltzes with original compositions in the classic style. The foremost provocateur of tango in Austin, Texas, Glover Johns Gill leads the group on accordion and bandoneón. Accompanying him is Justin Sherburn on piano and Chris Maresh on bass. The Tosca String Quartet completes the ensemble, and the result is a tango orchestra much like the classic groups of Francisco Canaro, Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese. Since 2001, Glovertango has performed for a devoted following of dancers and music lovers at various venues in Austin. The tango community keeps the Argentine tradition alive by hosting several Milongas throughout the year, and Glover and his tangueros are always there, playing for the dancers in an intimate setting.

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