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Eena (2)

Ingrid Kjelstrup

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/eena, https://www.facebook.com/Eenamusic

Дискография Eena (2):

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Eena aka Ingrid Kjelstrup is graphic designer, photographer and music producer, from Bergen, Norway. Inspired by nature and the sea, and their contrast to old industrial buildings and industry, she is making what some may call neo romantic electronic music, with ambient and a twist of IDM. She started as early as in 1988, when she as a child was playing around with Yamaha keyboards and making her own melodies. She was also trained in the art of playing piano for several years and was singing in a girls’ choir. The tape recorder was also a regular companion and she recorded eagerly everything that was of her interest from the radio. Growing up she got an early addiction to electronic music and was a regular listener to the famous radio show on the national radio NRK P3, called "Abstract" hosted by the legendary DJ Olle "Abstract" Løstegaard, and she also later listened a lot to the legendary eclectic DJ Strangefruit aka Pål Nyhus and his show, both she mentions as big inspirations. Attending discotheques in her early teens in the 90s, she was also greatly influenced by the early rave, pop, disco and house music played in Norway at the time. Eena discovered IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) thru listening to a live performance by Aphex Twin broadcasted on NRK P3 in 1998, and got her eyes up for the more alternative sides of electronic music, and later discovered artists like Plaid, Bola, Clark, Orbital, Future Sound of London, Squarepusher and Boards of Canada, which she mention as big inspirational resources. Also Norwegian artists like TeeBee, Röyksopp, Biosphere and Ponas have been great inspirations for her unique sound. Eena moved to Oslo in 2004 and was, together with Kim Christoffersen, one of the head people behind the creation of the club PI in Storgata 24 and the net radio with the name Radio Skranglebass. She was also involved in the design of flyers and posters for some of the popular club concepts at the time in Oslo. Eena moved back to Bergen in 2007 to continue her education and pursuit work as a graphic designer and artist. Check some of her graphic work here: www.graphone.no Experimenting with software like Cakewalk back in 1999 and later Fruityloops, she later decided to land on using Propellerheads Reason in 2003 and has used the software as a main production tool for her compositions. Compositions which often have peculiar names, but are actually inspired by real Japanese and Latin words. Enjoy her beautiful landscapes of sound. Bio written by: Kim Christoffersen kim@serum.no

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