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Kornel (2)

Kornél Halász

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/kornelmusic

Дискография Kornel (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Flat Landing 4 audio iTunes 2010-12-24 Pamflet Music

Kornel was born in 1983. He started listening to house music quite early, but soon he also experienced other styles. Proggy and breaks turned out to attract the most of his attention. At first, Kornel mainly played afterparties and turnouts. He was quickly discovered and was offered slots at several top clubs in Hungary, making him one of the quickest upcoming dj's in Hungary at this moment. The list of dj's has played next to is impressive: Kornel has shared decks with Matthew Dekay, Steve Lawler, Moshic, Soul Phonic, Pole Folder, Jody Wisternoff, Flash Brothers, Oliver MacGregor, Mashtronic, Slacker, DJ Tarkan, V-Sag and many more. His deepest goal is to provide quality mixes and tracks that make the people delighted for hours and hours. "I always feel delighted when people come together and feel something spiritual through the music." His mixes were played on radios all around the world with recognition. His style is mostly pure proggie, but you can also hear other styles, such as electro house and minimal house albeit moderately. Nowdays, Kornel is working with Mannel on the 'NoTalking' project which includes a radio show @ JustMusic.FM, - EVERY SATURDAY (16:00 - 18:00 CET)- some forthcoming releases, NoTalking tour around the world and many more!!! They also started 'Nonverbal Communication' @ friskyRadio at EVERY FOURTH WEDNESDAY (23:00 - 01:00 CET) to show the face of the hungarian new generation for the frisky fans.This monthly show will indroduce some of the upcoming talents, and of course the recognized producers and djs! In September 2007 the lots of common works got them another radio project which is 'Speechless' @ Danceradio! This "mission" is to show the newest sonority from these 2 guys and of course from their guests also. You can catch them at EVERY 4th WEDNESDAY OF MONTH 11:00 CET Mannel & Kornel joined to the great Pure Sound with they newest show called 'ROOTBOX'. They will present you the kindest, deepest,smoothest sounds with some guests from every 2nd TUESDAY OF THE MONTH between 15-17 GMT. Tune in! Their deep dub remix for 'Skitish & Darrell feat. Jude - Passages' came out in early October 2007 at Paria Records with great success and supporters like: King Unique, Micah, Yvel & Tristan, Andro! Another super b class remix will come out on a CD compilation at Swordtail Records for the remix of 'D.Lectro - Natural Beats' around Summer 2008! In 2008 Kornel also joined to the Fairlads Digital Records family to present his deeper sounds under the label. Fairlads Digital Records was founded in 2007. The founders have been making music for a long time and they felt that the time had come to distribute their own works and other talented musicians' works,too. The record company only distributes digital records on more than 200 sites. The styles they are interested in: tech-, electro-, deep-, minimal and progressive house. 2008 starts with a fresh new formation called Nonverbal Community! Kay join near Mannel & Kornel to create their common definition of house music! In the near future you will hear more from this formation for sure cause the first NTD release will be issue of the guys first collective work called 'Side 2 Side'! What is NTD? Well, beyond the unity of Nonverbal Community the guys spread the 'NoTalking' brand and launch the label 'NoTalking Digital'. The true errand is to make and give high grade productions for those who works in the electronic music scene and of course for those who are real fanatics of the EDM. NTD mostly does focus to the products from the NT artists and from those who will be part of the NT Productions! After many releases in different labels the NT members figured that the best way could be if they can spread they own vibes without any restriction! Now you could catch the crop of their music ideas! 2009 seems like a rising for this young guy! From January till March 6 remixes will be released on labels like Presslab Records, Fairlads Digital, Jetlag Digital, Diventa Music, and other great suffs will come also in the first half of the year, so be awared, and get more infos here or visit www.notalking.co.hu.

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