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Scott Patterson

Также известно как: Scott 'Kemix' Patterson
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/scottkemix

Дискография Scott Patterson:

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Scott is a man darkened by his deepest desires and inner most thoughts, with this all in mind, it motivates him and reflects on the style of techno he produces today 'DARK, HARD & EVIL HARD TECHNO'. He continues to path the way for the new up and coming generation of hard techno and is very much involved in the rising and more popular genre 'schranz'. With his latest success on various established labels such as carnage, cardiac arrest, glitch and combat skill and many more, his work keeps going from strength to strength nailing the sound he creates today. Giveway, Scott's first imprint has produced 4 very successful releases to date. If you would like to hear some serious techno mayhem then look no further. He is now taking bookings for his live and DJ performances.

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