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Igor Todorović, Ljubiša Georgijević, Dušan Hraniček, Borko Brkić

Члены группы Nospeedlimit: Borko Brkić, Dušan Hraniček, Igor Todorović, Ljubiša Georgijević, Nemanja Cvetković, Nenad Kecojević, Predrag Jandrić
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/nospeedlimit21114

Дискография Nospeedlimit:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Nospeedlimit 10 audio iTunes 1994 Start Today Records
2 Live Again 12 audio iTunes 2005 Not On Label

Under great influence of NYHC scene of the 80's Ljuba (guitar), Dušan (bass), Nikola (vocals), Keca (drums) formed Nospeedlimit at the end of 1991. In March 1992. after a successful live debut, group played all over Novi Sad. (Studio 24, Casino etc.) With every new concert they got more fans. Keca leaves the band in spring '92, new drummer is Borko Brkić Brle. (Proleće) New line up had a another successful live debut at Studio 24, and soon after that they entered the studio to make new songs. On 30th of May, Nospeedlimit played at Hardcore Festival in Novi Sad at Spens Hall in front of 300 people. They shared stage with Katarza, Chronic Infection and Megugis On Drug at the same festival. Same year they played on Demo Attack Festival with Generacija Bez Budućnosti, Proleće, Buka Za Decu and many others. In September band recorded a demo at Studio Ambijent. At the end of the year after the gig in Rokoteka, Nikola leaves the band, and in beginning of '93, Zgro (Buka Za Decu) takes his place. Band wanted to sound even heavier so they decided to enlist second guitarist Nemanja Cvetković, and he was in the band for 2 years. A new set of songs were written on english and presented on a big concert of other groups from Novi Sad. (Katarza, Zbogom Brus Li, Fat Mama Sex, Mitesers) Video was made for song Noćna Tišina, which was quite popular due to heavy rotation on tv. In spring '93 Brle had to leave the band due to his army serving obligation, Predrag Jandrić Gaga (Vrisak Generacije) was covering for him, from September 1993 til spring of 1995. Gaga was also involved in recording of the bands first album. After Brle's return, band started practicing new songs for a concert with Atheist Rap. 700 people was there, and it was recorded by NS Plus. (tv station) Even though the band never played outside of Novi Sad, they became popular and recognised all over Serbia, even in foreign neighbouring countries like Hungary, Croatia, Portugal & Germany. That was all made thanks to domestic and foreign fanzins, and tv stations that emited their videos. Band was disbanded in 1997, due to personal problems & obligations of the band members, just as Street Sound Records (Portugal) offered to release their music on cd, and they've been called to participate at a music festival in Hungary and all over Serbia. After 2 years of break Ljuba, Zgro and Gaga entered Matrix studio, and recorded six new songs, and sent the material to foreign labels. There was no response, so they've released it themselves. In 2005. they released their last album Live Again. On 12th October 2005, Ljuba died in a car crash in Novi Sad. Last line up: Igor Todorović Zgro - vocals (1993-2005)(ex-Buka Za Decu) Ljubiša Georgijević Ljuba - guitar (1991-2005) Borko Brkić Brle - drums (1992-1993,1995-2005) Dušan Hraniček - bass (1991-2005) Ex-members: Nikola Bunčić - vocals (1991-1993) Nenad Kecojević Keca - drums (1991-1992) Nemanja Cvetković - guitar Predrag Jandrić Gaga - drums (September 1993 - spring 1995)

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