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Greg Lounsberry

Greg Lounsberry

Группа в интернете: octobertree.net, canvasproductions.net, lounsberrypedals.com

Дискография Greg Lounsberry:

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In 1998, Greg released "Flower Pot Hat" by The Rocket4357 Project, a collaboration with fellow guitarist, Steve Spayde, and bassist Dan Collins. In 2005, "Frankenclown" by Laserdogs was his next release. This was intended to be a band, but due to a lack of participation from the other members, ended up as a solo project. the interesting part began during the promotion phase of "Frankenclown" Greg met Matt Sweitzer online, and was asked to co-write and sing something for a new Canvas album, "Digital Pigeon". Greg co-wrote and sang the sardonically funny "A Reptile Dysfunction" for "Digital Pigeon", (which by the way was named for the internet collaboration between Greg and Matt.) The song revolves around an abused husband's couch confessions to his therapist about his violent dinosaur dreams, a metaphor for his fear of his wife............black comedy at it's best! Greg also contributed to "Funk Shui", "Dark Side of the Sun", "Cat Walk", "Lost in Transit" "Armchair Voyager", "Ghost Town", and "On Second Thought"' . Since then, Greg has appeared on several installments of The Canvas Prog Hour, interviewing such artists as Roger Powell, Michael Sadler, Rich Williams, Eric Johnson, Steve Hackett, Terry Bozzio, David Paich, Daryl Steurmer, Roine Stolt, and bands such as Ajalon, Helmet of Gnats, Tunnels, Gendes Giant, Von Frickle, and A.C.T. Greg and wife Tammy sang on the 2013 Canvas album, "Long Way to Mars", and October Tree's 2012 release, "The Fairy's Wing. Greg can be found at Lounsberrypedals.com building custom guitar pedals for top artists. Greg is currently working on a new album, for Canvas Productions with Matt Sweitzer.

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