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Abbie Gale

Члены группы Abbie Gale: Achilles (6), Bon Bon (7), Evira, Pedal (3), Salvatore (8)
Группа в интернете: http://www.abbiegale.gr

Дискография Abbie Gale:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Fall 2 audio iTunes 2008
2 2 12 audio iTunes 2007-11-00 Inner Ear
3 Family Life 10 audio iTunes 2005 Vacant Records (2)
4 No Inspiration 11 audio iTunes 2010-10-00
5 Family Life 10 audio iTunes 2011-05-00
6 No Inspiration 22 audio iTunes 2013-09-23
7 Family Life 20 audio iTunes 2013-09-23
8 2 12 audio iTunes 2013-09-23

Alternative Rock band formed in summertime of 2003 in Patras, Greece. Their first album titled "Family Life", came out in the summer of 2005 from [l=Vacant Records (2)]. The album is characterized by its’ low profile, acoustic sound and the voice of Evira. It takes dithyrambic reviews from the printed and electronic press and the group intensifies their live appearances in many Greek cities. They started to work their new songs on summertime 2006 and two years after the release of their acclaimed debut "Family Life", Abbie Gale are back with their second album, symbolically titled "2". The music style of the band changes perceptibly, the sound becomes more electric and the rhythm most intense, without losing the melody that characterizes them. Guided by the charming, wide-ranging voice of Evira, the band appear more mature than ever, as they present their compositions in a solid and determined fashion. The album’s excellent production values, combined with Abbie Gale’s confident playing, make "2" an exciting listening proposition. Starting with the introspective mood of the opening track “Life After Life”, Abbie Gale guide us through a bright playful conversation in "Lovesong" (guest featuring [a=Raining Pleasure]’s frontman [a=Vassilikos]), sparks of lyricism such as "Clown" and "Air" and an agonizing spoken-word manifesto in "Danko". The band’s dedication to their creative vision, along with their refined sense of songwriting and their honest inspiration make for an aesthetically flawless result. Abbie Gale’s "2" is also the debut release of the new and upcoming indie label Inner Ear. Line-up: Evira: Voice Salvatore: Guitar, Bass Pedal: Guitar, Keyboards Achilles: Drums, Loops Nick: Bass

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