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Buka za decu

Mićo Tegeltija, Željko Pulisak, Branislav Smuk, Ferenc Teglaš

Члены группы Buka za decu: Branislav Smuk, Ferenc Teglaš, Igor Todorović, Željko Pulisak

Дискография Buka za decu:

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BZD was founded in 1992 by Željko and Mićo, as a parody band of Vlada & Gile's project 'Rokenrol Za Decu'. Soon they were joined by Igor and Branislav. Zgro was a classical punker and all the other band members were metalheads, so they've made a compromise to play hardcore, but instead their sound was pure grindcore. In 1994. they recorded their whole set at Studio Ambient 94, entitled Bukvar Massacre, it contained 9 short songs that durated 6 minutes. In August same year after they practiced hard and made new compositions, BZD played at Beogradska Kapija with KBO! & Nospeedlimit. During september they played at Demo Attack which was held at SPENS, and by the end of the year they've played with Proleće at Subotica. Around New Year, Igor leaves the band and in his place comes Ferenc Teglaš of Vivisect. After a few concerts band disbanded in 1993. Band members: Mićo Tegeltija Ćomi - drums Željko Pulisak Đubre - guitar Branislav Smuk - bass (Zbogom Brus Li) Ferenc Teglaš Fric - vocals Ex-member: Igor Todorović Zgro - vocals (Nospeedlimit)

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