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TJ Dumas

Также известно как: TJ

Дискография TJ Dumas:

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In 1999, TJ Dumas aka Gabbamonkey started "Beatdownsounds.com" with Teri Nguyen, a website dedicated solely Detroit DJ’s that played house music with a focus on the local emerging sounds of the city. Partnering with [a=Norm Talley], [a=Delano Smith] and Mike Clark, Beatdownsounds.com grew to be a signature DJ/Promotion team in the city and country. Later, TJ Dumas partnered with Delano Smith to start [l=Mixmode Recordings] which saw the release of "Feel This", a deep rich and classy tune. Then, TJ Dumas wanted to venture into music production, subsequently launching "Gabbamonkey Productions". "Want", off of "The Lost Tracks Of Detroit" (Still Music) - is a remix of Chic's - "I want your love" and was TJ Dumas’s debut as a producer. Working with some up and coming producers in Detroit, Gabbamonkey Records was born. Working on labels like "Stillove4music" (Still Music Chicago's sublabel) and "Rush Hour" co producing the very acclaimed track "Gone" with [a=Raybone Jones] (exclusively available on the compilation "Vibes New & Rare Music", a selection of tracks from the vaults of [a=Rick Wilhite]). Releasing music under his Gabbamonkey alias for [l=lo-Deep Recordings], TJ Dumas runs Gabbamonkey Productions and has joined in 2012 the "Detroit Bass Networks - 313 DBN" roster.

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