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Black Moss (2)

Phakamisa Blessing Majola

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/mrblackmoss

Дискография Black Moss (2):

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Born April 5th, 1986 in Kwamashu township Durban, South Africa. Black M.O.S.S. stands for the Black Master Of Spontaneous Sentences. After many encounters with crime in Kwamashu his parents opted to move to Glen Anil in late 1996 which proved to be the birth of his creative being as he was able to compare and contrast suburban living with that of his former home. It was only in late 2005 during his study in Marketing and Management at the university of Kwa Zulu Natal Howard collage, where people from all walks of life could be seen, that Black MOSS was inspired by the many differences and similarities of these two worlds. It was during this stage where he met the likes of emcees such as Arnold, Faze, Toxic, Pygmy, Black Nerd, Train of Thought, Lexikon and Lynno, that he decided to contribute to the artform of hip hop through talking about his experiences. With a growing reputation for his freestyle ability and being spontaneous in cyphers he dubbed himself the Master Of Spontaneous Sentences. His breakthrough in the Durban scene was his debut track, M.O.S.S, on the "[b]Life Check Sessions Volume One[/b]". Since then he has met and worked with the likes of Lifecheck producer of the year Scotty Soul, Ewok, Abdus and Siyamatic, releasing his highly anticipated mixtape, entitled "[b]The Benchmark[/b]", with Wrecked Entertainment. Black MOSS has also acted alongside [a=Zuluboy] in the 2007 South African short film "Three cigarettes".

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