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Master Voice (2)

Hajni István, Krasznai Krisztina, Száraz Ferenc, Jezernicky Csaba, Matulay Sándor, Edina

Члены группы Master Voice (2): Edina (2), Ferenc Száraz, Hajni István, Jezernicky Csaba, Krasznai Krisztina, Matulay Sándor

Дискография Master Voice (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 How Old Are You Rap 4 audio iTunes 1990-00-00 Out
2 Master Voice 13 audio iTunes 1993 Not On Label (Hajni István Self-Released)
3 Master Voice 13 audio iTunes 1993 Not On Label (Hajni István Self-Released)
4 Kizárólag Reklám 14 audio iTunes 1987 Not On Label (Hajni István Self-Released)
5 Master Voice 1 9 audio iTunes 1989 Not On Label (Hajni István Self-Released)
6 Varázstánc 9 audio iTunes 1989 Zenehalom

Hungaran italo disco band. It founded Hajni István in the middle of the '80's. He woulded like to release the Master Voice songs, but the one and only Hungarian record company (MHV) didn't release their songs. He decided to release their song as MC in his own release. This album (Kizárólag Reklám = Only For Promotional Release) he sended to many clubs in Hungary and the DJ's started to play the better songs (Álla Híd Még, Andromeda Rap) and they became club hits in Hungary! The female vocalists were Krasznai Krisztina & Edina, male vocalist was Száraz Ferenc (BIG R.C.), the producer Hajni István, who recorded their songs in his own studio Pop-Fon Studio (later Master Voice Studio). They released their songs in hungarian and english language, and some songs made both language. After their club success, Hajni István started to work many hungarian popstars (Bonanza Banzai, Hungária & Fenyő Miklós, Szikora Róbert). Hajni István was the mixing engineer of his nephew, Szandi (Pintácsi Alexandra) first three album. In the '90's they turned to cover versions. First time they played the Ken Laszlo classic "Hey Hey Guy" and after that Miko Mission's "How Old Are You" in rap and hip-hop version. This songs were top 5 hits on hungarian dance chart (Disco 50). Their new songs on Master Voice cd and mc (compilation) are hip-hop songs.

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