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Gerhard Egger

Gerhard Egger

Также известно как: Egger
Группа в интернете: http://www.mostrocker.com

Дискография Gerhard Egger:

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Lead guitarist in the Upper-Austrian Hippie / Classic Rock band Art Boys Collection. He formed the band and wrote all music and lyrics for them. He left the band after the band got banned from the Austrian Radio Broadcasting ORF and the other band members prefered to play hard-rock cover versions. Due to the possibility to record an album, he stayed and worked with his replacement [a=Hubert Perfahl] till the record was finished. After that he changed to a failed band project. In the eigthies, he opened a little studio in Wels and worked as songwriter for Austrian pop stars like [a=Waterloo & Robinson] and [a=Wilfried]. He started a new project, Gerhard Egger & die Mostrocker, which is still active and plays Austro Alpine Rock.

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